Call for sponsors / contribution

The Institute for Applied Ecology New Zealand is developing a series of free Nature Identification apps that will help users identify aspects of New Zealand nature either in nature or in the classroom, all from the ease of their handheld device.

We are looking for sponsorship to keep the doors open and lights on so we can keep providing these apps. Our current app, the NZ Tree App features New Zealand native trees that are commonly found, with information about each species. Our suggestion is that you would ‘adopt’ trees, and an advertisement for your company would appear with the entry for those species, encouraging users to visit you and purchase a specimen themselves, e.g..

Value for sponsorship:

  • Support the spread of knowledge and content around New Zealand about New Zealand nature
  • Support native species by educating the New Zealand public about them
  • Support restoration projects by introducing app users to retailers
  • Support local retailers by marketing their services

The apps will bring education about New Zealand nature to the hands of everyday New Zealanders and international visitors. In order to make these apps free to the general public to use and widen their reach, we need help from companies such as yours.

Research has shown that people do want to know more about our native plants, and would like to purchase natives for their gardens to be more sustainable. Linking information about these plants to your store will help people to building that connection, and help encourage them to choose more consciously what they buy. Choosing native plants also means enriching their gardens with plants that might attract native birds and support native invertebrates as well.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future.

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Our current partners and collaborators:

University of Auckland

Auckland War Memorial Museum

Conservation Volunteers NZ

GNS Wellington

Landcare Research

School of Arts and Design, AUT

Centre for Learning and Teaching, AUT